Bharat Electronics Limited

Electronic Design Manufacturing Services


BEL Quality Standards

Seven of BEL’s SBUs / Units have got AS 9100 Certification to address the Aerospace business.


ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

all Units/SBUs/Divisions Testing facilities


ISO 13485:2016

Export Manufacturing SBU-Bengaluru


ISO 27001:2013

13 Units/SBUs/Divisions


ISO 45001:2018

Ghaziabad, Bengaluru and Kotdwara Unit


ISO 20000-1

Software SBU-Bengaluru



19 Units/ SBUs


CMMi Level 5

Software SBU-Bengaluru, Hyderabad Unit & CRL-Ghaziabad


CMMi Level 3

Chennai Unit, DCCS & NCS SBUs – Ghaziabad Unit

Ghaziabad Unit won the CII EXIM Bank Business Excellence Award in 2022 and Commendation for Role Model Organisation

22 Green Channel Status Certificate from DGQA for supply of 65 products manufactured by 12 Units/SBUs

BEL possesses dedicated product engineering teams, state-of-the art production and test facilities and necessary quality and industry-specific certifications to offer entire gamut of Electronics Design and Manufacturing Services.

  • Build-to-Print (BTP) and Build-to-Spec (BTS)
  • Components, Modules, Sub-systems and Systems
  • Trusted supplier to Global OEMs; Establishing long-term supply chain
  • Platforms: Space, Airborne and Land Based systems
  • Military, Industrial and Medical grade products

Our proven track record of delivering professional electronics products for harsh operational environments, from blizzards of high mountains to saline environment to high temperature of deserts, and mission-critical applications provides us an edge over our competitors.

Stable Supply Chain

The electronics assembly market is facing huge challenges posed by COVID-19 and electronic component shortages and working with us with stable supply chains can alleviate the problems. On the one hand, a stable supply chain ensures sufficient raw materials that can avoid production delays caused by an insufficient supply of raw materials. On the other hand, the quality of components and materials is guaranteed.

Intellectual Property Protection

In the process of communicating with our customers and suppliers, intellectual property rights such as design manuscripts or related business information are involved, so we make sure that confidentiality of information exchanged and intellectual property rights are protected.


Our product engineering teams possess the expertise to turn product concept into a reality, no matter the complexity. The experience and skill is on display from initial discussions through final product validation.

  • Analog and digital PCB design
  • RF design
  • Enclosure design & 3D modelling
  • Antenna design, simulation, characterization, coupling analysis
  • Algorithm development, embedded software, firmware for FPGA/DSP/Microcontrollers/SoC based hardware
  • Waveform analysis,  Signal-processing
  • Network stack
  • Power Supply, Chargers, Amplifiers, Controllers
  • prototyping& simulation
  • Thermal, Structural, Vibration analysis
  • DFX & DFM analysis
  • Validation
    • Environmental compliance
    • Custom test fixtures & procedures
    • HASS/HALT (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening/ Highly accelerated life testing)
    • DFMEA (design failure modes & effects analysis)
    • QT and EMI/EMC compliance


We have complete range of manufacturing and test facilities for PCB assembly, Cable assembly, Precision Fabrication, Composites, Electromechanical assembly, Super Components, Prototyping, Conformal coating, Burn-in and thermal cycling.

PCB Assembly

Surface Mount Technology Assembly

1. Surface Mount Technology Assembly

High mix high volume
Low mix Low volume

Wave soldering

2. Wave soldering

3. Leaded component insertion line

4. X-ray and AOI Inspection

Cable Assembly

We specialize in engineering and producing quality cable assemblies and custom-cables ranging from harsh environment cables to harnesses and complex mechanical subassemblies.

cable assembly
cable assembly

Precision Fabrication Facility

Precision Fabrication Facility
  • CNC lathe
  • CNC Drill Mill
  • CNC Vertical Machining
  • CNC EDM Wire Cut Machine
  • Robotic/Automatic Welding Facility

Super components

Fabrication and assembly of avionics and space-grade components
1. Fabrication and assembly of avionics and space-grade components
Eutectic die bonder
2. Eutectic die bonder
3. Laser trimmer
Laminar flow station
4. Laminar flow station
5. Parallel gap welder
6. Gold wire bonder
7. Visual inspection station
8. Plasma cleaner
9. Vapour degreaser
10. Screen exposing system
11. Thin and thick film screen exposer
12. Thick film firing furnace
13. Auto wire bonder
14. High speed auto wire bonder
15. Wirer pull test
16. Class 10000 clean rooms
17. Resistance welder and seam sealer
18. Fine leak detector
19. Gross leak detector
20. Thermal Chamber, -40 to +80 Deg C, Temp Gradient 1 Deg C/min
21.Thermo Vacuum Chamber, Vacuum level xxxxxxxx mbar

Brazing Facility

Salt brazing

Salt brazing

Dry hydrogen brazing

Dry hydrogen brazing

Vacuum brazing

Vacuum brazing

Near-field Test Range for Antenna Testing

NFTR Facility

NFTR Facility

Advanced EMI/EMC Testing Facility

Advanced EMI/EMC Testing Facility